Welcome to Funky Chickens

Welcome to Funky Chickens, popular suppliers of free-range and beyond organic meats and other products to food-lovers all over Cape Town!

We source healthy foodstuffs from ethical suppliers located all over South Africa so that you and your family can eat wholesome food. Not only are our products less expensive than the equivalent items in leading South African shops, but we also offer a wider selection of meat and poultry products than retail stores!

Feel like surprising yourself? Check out our incredible prices!

Ordering from us is really simple! Just follow the instructions on our Order Now page to choose your products online, or visit us at market we attend on a Saturday.

We are always running specials on our products! Check out our latest specials.

We sell everything chicken from whole birds to chicken feet, from chicken breasts to chicken livers. We also have a wide range of delicious pork products, and a choice selection of beef, lamb and dairy products.

You can rest assured that our chicken is the real deal, and that they lived a healthy, happy life. If you would like more information, please send us an enquiry.

Please note: our chickens and pork are non-certified organic (i.e. there has been no certification process), however we have the necessary information to back up our claim that they are raised in  a manner that is the equivalent of an organic lifestyle, and in fact, beyond organic. For more information, please contact funkychicken.info@gmail.com