About Us

2G6A5270Our little homegrown business was inspired by a mom’s passion for wholesome food and the family’s decision to take a different journey than most people in starting a business where the children could work alongside the parents and learn skills that would see them through life.

In 2012 we started out by supplying a couple of families with chicken products once a month, but as we uncovered more suppliers and gained more customers, our business grew rapidly. Just two years down the line we already have 6 suppliers and stock more than 30 different products. We get enquiries from individuals, families, restaurants and small businesses daily, so we are constantly growing.

We care about animals, the environment and, most of all, the health and satisfaction of our customers! We believe in supporting small-scale farmers who are endeavouring to raise their livestock humanely, free-range, on natural feeds, free of hormones and antibiotics. We believe that animals should have the best quality of life possible, and we believe in sustainable farming methods that preserve our beautiful planet.

We believe in honesty, openness and personal interaction with our customers, something that you will not find when buying your groceries at a chain store. We believe in offering a reliable service that is convenient for you and supplying you with the goods you want so that you can enjoy a healthy, wholesome diet. Our whole business is tailored around you and your needs!

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