5 quick easy high protein breakfasts

Gone are the days when a bowl of over sweetened cereal counts as “good nutrition” but the time pressure of getting kids up and off to school (or yourself off to work) is still […]

Simple easy nutritious ramen

Way before ramen became trendy we started making it as a staple winter lunch…there is so much comfort in the warm broth, the noodles and the spices of ginger, garlic and chilli.

Start off with […]

Winter lamb curry

With the rain pouring down outside as winter hits Cape Town is time for curry! Lamb curry, beef curry, chicken curry, vegetable curry, who cares? Its one of those go to comfort foods our family […]

Nutritious chicken bone broth

You can either use your bones from a roast chicken or one our stock packs which contain a raw carcass, a chicken neck and two chicken feet. The feet may be off-putting for some, […]

Creamy chicken and mushroom soup

Use 4 of our free range products to make this lovely winter soup…

1 litre chicken stock
100ml Jersey cream
1 large beyond organic chicken breast fillet, cubed
2 tablespoons of free range butter
1 punnet of mushrooms, sliced
1 […]

Why our dairy is the best for you and for cows

The current condition of cows in the commercial milk industry is concerning. Due to overbreeding, hormonal and antibiotic treatment most of the common dairy cows now produce milk with A1 beta casein. This happens […]

Beyond organic pork just in!

The pigs are not restricted to housing at any time. They are free to roam day and night. Pigs have a very efficient temperature regulating system and do not need artificial help.
The breeding sows […]