Grass fed beef special this week

We have been able to get another side of grass fed Black Angus beef for this weeks orders and it promises to be as good as the last. Prime cuts are limited so order […]

Delicious Boere-style Oxtail

Oxtail – sticky lipped, finger licking yumminess in a pot, that’s what oxtail is. This recipe is from my mother in law and is simply out of this world!

2kg oxtail
Olive oil
50ml apple cider […]

The yumminess of bowl food!

Sushi bowls – Buddha bowls – bowl food…call it what you want, its yummy either way.

The idea is to combine sweet with salty, smooth with crunchy and pack in a whole lot of nutrition […]

Avian Flu in the Western Cape

Things are certainly very unstable in the chicken industry at the moment, so I would like to offer some advice and let you know what we are doing to protect our flocks from avian […]

Quick chicken mince lettuce wraps

This is one of our favourite recipes for a summer lunch. It’s got all the right labels – Paleo, Banting, Low Carb – yes for real!!

500g chicken mince
1 sweet red pepper, cubed
1 large tomato, […]

Cape Town’s water crisis and slaughtering animals

Last night I read an angry post on Facebook about how much water is used in abattoirs to clean up after slaughter. I agree it is wasteful in this season of drought. However I […]

Duck Confit Recipe

Everyone knows how delicious duck fillets are, but you have not experienced true dining pleasure until you have tried duck legs cooked with a confit method.

2 duck legs per person
Fresh herbs – bay leaf, […]