Gone are the days when a bowl of over sweetened cereal counts as “good nutrition” but the time pressure of getting kids up and off to school (or yourself off to work) is still there. Here are 5 easy weekday nutritious breakfasts using our products.

omelette 1. Duck egg and veggie omelette.
Duck eggs are much higher in Omega 3s and are bigger than chickens eggs thus you get more protein. They are also anti-inflammatory due to the higher Omegas.  Make your omelette as you would normally fill it with ripe fresh avocado, sliced pepper dews and our feta.

2. Lemon and herb chicken patty, salsa and fried egg
Cook the patties in coconut or olive oil. While cooking chop up some small tomatoes, coriander, red onion and drizzle with lemon juice, olive oil and salt and pepper. Just Before patties are ready, fry an egg. Stack up the patio with salsa and top with the egg.

3. Chicken sausage or boerewors, with leftover potato and fried egg
To save time, cook a roll of sausage the night before and cut it into lengths for a quick heat up. Save your left over baked potatoes from a previous meal. Not the morning, fry up chopped onion and garlic is some olive oil, then add the cubed potatoes. Heat up the sausage portion in the pan next to it.
Just before you are ready to serve fry and egg to top the potatoes.

4. Mediterranean Scrambled Egg on toast
Scramble either duck or chicken eggs on a low heat. Just before readiness, add 1 cup of sliced cherry tomatoes, a handful of feta, some stoned and sliced olives and a small handful fresh basil. Serve on toast.

frittata5. Easy Spanish frittata
For our family of 6 we use 10 eggs for this.
Scramble your eggs with salt and pepper and smoked paprika.
In a large skillet, fry one chopped red onion and a teaspoon of garlic. When soft add a drained rinsed can of bean – black, kidney or baked. Pour the egg mixture over. Allow bottom to cook them put under the grill to cook the top. Top with some cheddar cheese and grill again to melt. Delicious served with a drizzle of Sriracha sauce.