IMG_9152Things are certainly very unstable in the chicken industry at the moment, so I would like to offer some advice and let you know what we are doing to protect our flocks from avian flu and how this is going to impact you going forward.

Avian Flu has finally found its way to the Western Cape. There have been 56 confirmed cases of it so far. Most of these have been in battery farms. There are also a number of ostrich farms under quarantine. Millions of chickens have been culled already. It is truly a sad and desperate situation resulting in major shortages of chicken and eggs countrywide.

We test our flock each week and each week have an all clear and permission to distribute. We will continue this practise until there are no more cases found in the area. We are however battling to get day old broilers to increase our laying hen flock. And as we do not want to run the risk of infecting our birds we will not be bringing them in until we know for sure that Avian Flu infection has been contained. We have also implemented various pricey bio-security measures to protect our birds.

We trust that we will get through this unscathed. However, for our farmer to be able to continue supplying at current rates is not possible so we are reducing the number of chickens and eggs we are bringing in from her each week. We will not be doing speciality birds until December, only whole birds and plain cuts.

We do however have a secondary source from outside Cape Town (but within the Western Cape) who farms exactly the same way – no GMO corn or soy in their diet, pasture raised eating bugs and grass, slaughtered on site. We do not normally bring in chickens from this far as we prefer to support local farmers…but in this interim period we will be bolstering our supplies with his whole chickens and eggs.

So a mixed bag of good and bad news today! I would highly recommend you do not buy store bought chicken at all in this time.