We offer a variety of beef cuts. While most people are knowledgeable on how to cook with mince, stew and steak, there are a variety of cheaper cuts that hold loads of flavor and goodness and require just a bit more attention to produce a delicious tender meal.

Here is how our family uses the different beef cuts:

Beef t-bone steak on black stone table, close-up.

Steaks – sirloin, rib eye, rump, T-bone and fillet
We love to braai! These all find their way onto the braai. We top them with either a pepper or mushroom sauce. We sometimes have ribeye as a breakfast treat and then serve it with Kimchi.

Minute steaks –
Flash fried for breakfast with fried eggs! Fried and served with a big topping of mushrooms and salad for dinner. Put into a stroganoff type sauce.

Stew cuts – either bone in or deboned
A beef curry is always a winner in winter. We also make a creamy stew with mushrooms. You could also make the traditional beef hot pot.

Short rib –
These do best marinaded overnight and then cooked in a hot oven. A simple marinade is:
1 tablespoon wholegrain mustard
1 tablespoon crushed garlic
1 can of tomato puree
1 tablespoon of honey
1 teaspoon of all spice

Topside roast –
This is great to do for cold meats for kids sandwiches and lunch boxes.
Turn your oven up to the hottest temp. Smear garlic and mustard all over the outside of the roast. Place in the oven in an over dish. Cook for 20 minutes, then turn off the oven but leave the meat in for 2 hours. Remove and slice. Enjoy with creamed horseradish.

Brisket –
A gorgeous fatty sticky piece of meat which does well slow-roasted with onions, garlic and mustard. You need to cook this long and slow in a medium oven covered for about 20 minutes per kg plus 20 minutes.
Once cooked you can pull it to use in salads, baked potatoes or enjoy it hot.

Beef shin –
This is a tough piece of meat with lots of connective tissue but when cooked slowly with liquid it makes the most delicious meal. It is also good to use in soups.

oxtailBeef mince –
Uses to make hamburger patties, bolognaise, cottage pie, savory mince for breakfast, bobotie, meat loaf and a host of other ideas.

Beef bones –
Make your own bone broth which has all these health benefits:

  1. Protects your joints – bone broth contains natural collagen and gelatin.
  2. Helps heal leaky gut – gelatin in bone broth is beneficial for restoring the gut lining and lowering inflammation in the digestive tract.
  3. Maintains Healthy Skin – collagen is needed to maintain your skins youthful tone. People also note a decrease in cellulite when taking bone broth daily.
  4. Support your immune system – restores your gut health by giving the building blocks to repair the gut lining.
  5. Promotes detoxification – we are exposed every day to a myriad of toxins in the environment. Bone broth contains potassium and glycine, which support liver and cell detoxification.