potjie-muttonAs the prices of food climb it is always good to be on the lookout on how to save money without compromising your ethical standards or health goals. Because we are a large family we are constantly thinking of ways to stretch our budget and find ways to eat well on less. While we enjoy the odd liver meal, bone broths and other “unpopular” cuts of meat, we also enjoy a good tender steak or lamb chop.

Buying a whole or half a lamb does have its initial cash outlay, but it is the best value for money. We are now able to further reduce your grocery bill by offering whole or half mutton packs. It is important to understand the difference when you buy one or the other.

Lamb – a baby sheep, under one year of age, generally 6 – 10 months of age. When the meat is processed early on, between 4 and 5 months, it is a tender lamb meat that is lighter in color and retains a true lamb meat flavor. When lambs are processed after that time, their meat takes on different characteristics. R160/kg

Hogget – A juvenile lamb that is older than 5 months, but younger than 2 years old (called a “Twee Tand” in South Africa) will produce a darker, gamier flavor of meat commonly referred to as hogget. This term is not commonly used in South Africa, we would call it sheep or mutton. R140/kg

Mutton – The meat of an adult sheep, age 2 years and older, is called mutton. It is a darker meat, less tender than lamb, and retains a gamier flavour. This requires hanging like beef to develop the meat and long slow cooking or marinading before braaing. This is the most value for money for those who are willing to put in the time and they will gain the most benefit. R140/kg

All our sheep products are A Grade meat

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