The yumminess of bowl food!

Sushi bowls – Buddha bowls – bowl food…call it what you want, its yummy either way.

The idea is to combine sweet with salty, smooth with crunchy and pack in a whole lot of nutrition […]

Avian Flu in the Western Cape

Things are certainly very unstable in the chicken industry at the moment, so I would like to offer some advice and let you know what we are doing to protect our flocks from avian […]

Quick chicken mince lettuce wraps

This is one of our favourite recipes for a summer lunch. It’s got all the right labels – Paleo, Banting, Low Carb – yes for real!!

500g chicken mince
1 sweet red pepper, cubed
1 large tomato, […]

Cape Town’s water crisis and slaughtering animals

Last night I read an angry post on Facebook about how much water is used in abattoirs to clean up after slaughter. I agree it is wasteful in this season of drought. However I […]

Duck Confit Recipe

Everyone knows how delicious duck fillets are, but you have not experienced true dining pleasure until you have tried duck legs cooked with a confit method.

2 duck legs per person
Fresh herbs – bay leaf, […]

Super easy stir fry

Chicken and vegetable stir fry is a suburb way to rustle up a quick meal packed with seasonal veggies. Add organic egg noodles at the end and toss through or serve without if you […]

5 quick easy high protein breakfasts

Gone are the days when a bowl of over sweetened cereal counts as “good nutrition” but the time pressure of getting kids up and off to school (or yourself off to work) is still […]