The current condition of cows in the commercial milk industry is concerning. Due to overbreeding, hormonal and antibiotic treatment most of the common dairy cows now produce milk with A1 beta casein. This happens due to amino acids which switch from proline to histidine that readily allows a digestive enzyme to cut an amino acids segment that is separated from the A1 beta casein, known as BCM-7 for short.

BCM-7 is the real devil in A1 milk for a number of reasons. It first of all does not naturally occur in the human digestive system, internal organs and brainstem. BCM-7 has been linked to type 1 diabetes, heart disease, autism and other serious non-communicable diseases.

Our milk and dairy products from our Fleckvieh cows produce milk that has A2 Beta-casein. They are undiluted in their genetics and because we raise and feed them correctly their milk is tested regularly for this correct form of beta casein.

fleckveih-cowsOur milk is also not skimmed. This means that you get the perfect package from nature! The essential fatty acids (EFA’s) are retained in the milk which means that you get Omega 3, CLA, Vitamin A, D3 E, K2 and Beta-Carotene in each glass of milk. Our milk is also high in Melatonin which helps in regulating sleep patterns.

We make sure that our cows feed is free of GMO’s as well as free additives used in commercial dairies. Most commercial dairies add urea to the maize fed given to cows as this causes them to drink more due to thirst, lactate more and get more milk. These practises we believe are unethical.

Our cows are fortunate to have abundant grazing and only get a small portion of lucerne and barley (both non GMO) at milking time. Grazing as they do, they have an abundance of Omega 3 and 6 in a perfect 1:1 ratio (compared to the 1:9 in commercial cows) as well as naturally high levels of CLA, which helps with a host of issues, including insulin resistance and having cancer fighting properties.

Funky Chickens sells milk in 2 and 1 litre bottles, various soft cheeses and kefir all made from this amazing whole dairy herd. Give it a try today!