Order from us

Ordering from us is super-simple! Just follow the instructions below to complete your order.

Order online

Step by step…

  1. Drop us an email at funkychicken.info@gmail.com asking for a copy of our latest order form.
  2. Wendy will email you the order form for you to complete.
  3. Fill in your name, contact details, address and choice of delivery method on the order form.
  4. Fill in the quantity of each item that you would like to purchase.
  5. Email the completed order form back to us and we will chat with you to organise delivery of your order.

And you’re done! Whoop whoop!

It is crucial to note the following: 

  1. We update our order form every week to include what items are in stock. Please do not reuse old order forms.
  2. The estimated total on your order form may not be the amount you must pay us for the order. Many of our items like whole chickens, pork chops,  etc. are PRICED PER KG as they are variable in weight. Thus the price on the order form is not the price PER ITEM but rather the price PER KG. Consequently, the total price of your order may be more or less than what is indicated on the order form.
  3. If an item is priced “per kg”, you will still be indicating how many items/packs you would like when you fill in the order form–NOT the number of kilograms you think the pack will be. For example, if you enter 4 in the quantity box for whole chickens, you will receive 4 whole chickens, NOT 4 kgs of chicken.