Our Free Range Beef & Lambzuikerboschfontein

Our beef boerewors is sourced from Zuikerboschfontein in the Karoo.  The cattle are grass fed and finished and at no time are they fed corn, injected with hormones or antibiotics or put into a feedlot. There is no grain, MSG or pork added to the wors. Just pure simple flavour of good meat.

Every now and again we are able to source speciality beef for you, like Black Angus and offer the full range of cuts. Black Angus has been bred to offer tender succulent juicy meat. Our farmers are also passionate about ethical farming practises where they restore the health of the soil and thus animal health.

Our lamb is sourced by out butcher from the Karoo or locally around Grabouw. They are never treated with routine antibiotics or hormones and spend their days grazing in the wide open fields. Our butcher sources the beef and lamb following our guidelines and his own principles of ethical farming and slaughtering.