Our Happy Chickens

Our chicken products are frequently described as the best that customers have ever tasted. Take a look below to see how our birds are raised.

Living as They were Created to

Our chickens are a cross breed of Orpington White and Cornish Hen. They are free to range through the grassy pastures on the farm during the daylight hours, while at night they are kept in a shelter to protect them from predators. This lifestyle of roaming means that our birds grow to be larger, healthier and less fatty than factory farmed or even conventional “free-range”/shed-raised birds. No pesticides, herbicides, or poisons are used on the farm in order to keep the chickens in optimum health.

Healthy Feed

During the day the chickens are able to forage for themselves, enjoying bugs and insects like they were designed to. When our farmer locks them up at night, they are given a supplementary non-GMO legume and grain mixture that contains oats, barley, wild peas, lupins and lucerne. Our chickens are not fed any corn, maize or soya, and are not given any growth hormones, stimulants, or antibiotics. 

Processed Humanely

After growing at their natural pace for 13 – 16  weeks, our farmer processes the chickens on the farm. She is a certified poultry meat examiner, and thus is allowed to slaughter and process her own poultry. The chickens, unlike factory-farmed animals, do not experience the stressful and inhumane trip to the abattoir they are processed on site. This method of processing means that the chickens’ systems release the flood of adrenaline or lactic acid like factory-farmed birds’  do when they are transported to the abattoir, and thus the meat of our chickens is not compromised.

The farm is regularly inspected and approved by a health inspector from the local municipality. We test the meat each month for pathogens. Bacterial and water checks are taken frequently, and the amount of stock processed on a daily basis is restricted to maintain an acceptable standard of hygiene. The processing equipment is not cleaned with chlorine, but a natural teatree-based cleaner.

You won’t find tastier or more natural chickens in all of Cape Town! Take a look at the video below to see the environment where our chickens and ducks are raised.