Dairy-ProductsOur Dairy Products

Our dairy supplier is located in Gordons Bay. Our dairy products come from grass-fed Bavarian Fleckveih cows. You can read more about their amazing milk here!

They are strong milk producers and their milk has a high fat content which lends itself to secondary products. We do not skim the fat off the milk and make butter. Our butter comes from Jersey Cows raised on the Garden Route.

Our cows that amble around the lush pastures of the farm and are completely grass fed. At milking time they are treated with a little lucerne to keep them peaceful while milking.

All the products are made from unpasturized milk and are free from any preservative and artificial colourants.

We offer milk in 1 and 2 L bottles, kefir, Greek yoghurt, soft cheeses like cream and cottage cheese as well as ricotta and halloumi cheeses.

Available to order or at Earth Fair Market Tokai on Saturdays 9 – 2 pm