Free-Range-PorkOur Happy Piggies

We source our pork from our farmer who raises our Beyond Organic Chicken

Our pigs live as they should, are fed naturally with vegetables, acorns and free foraging.

More about them below…

Free-range Pigs

The pigs are not restricted to cages at any time. They are free to roam. Pigs have a very efficient temperature regulating system and do not need artificial help.
The breeding sows are not locked in metal cages during or after birthing. They do have the option of an A Frame shelter for themselves and their piglets,which prevents the piglets from being squashed. However pigs are highly intelligent and if they are comfortable then mortalities are non existent.
The herd is free to eat adlib in planted fields that carries butternut, crown pumpkin, sweet potato and spinach as well as rooting naturally for tubers. The seeds pass undigested through their systems and are germinated in the manure pile. Acorns from the neighbouring fruit farms are also collected by school children and fed to the pigs. Acorns are a complete natural food for a pig.
No antibiotics or hormones are injected or added to feed.
Pork Crackling (baked) R30/pack
Pork Fillet R135/kg
Chump Chops R130/kg 
Loin Chops (R140/kg)
Rib chops (R130/kg)
Leg Chops (R140/kg)
Belly roast (R150/kg)
Mince (R115/kg)
Shoulder Roast (R120/kg)