Pate, Bone Broth, You Name It!

As we are a family of foodies we love sharing our favourites with our clients.

Our Delicious Buffalo Wings and Sundowners

Our buffalo wings/drummets are made from the chicken wings sourced from the farm where we get our chickens. They are prepared with a marinade by our farmer. Our Portuguese flavoured buffalo wings and sundowners are favourites for lunch boxes and braais. The flavours are all MSG- and gluten-free.  

Chicken bone broth

The chicken bone broth is cooked for 24 hours on a low heat. It contains our chicken carcasses, necks and feet, vegetables (typically carrot, onion and celery), spring water, garlic, turmeric, cloves, sea salt and black pepper.

Chicken liver patè

Our homegrown sage flavours our fabulous chicken liver pate. The pate contains our chicken livers, white pepper, sea salt, garlic, sherry or brandy, mace, gras-fed butter, and sage.

Santa Anna Corn Chips

The hottest selling item in Cape Town are these organic corn chips which are fabulous as an alternative to unhealthy commercial chips. Served before a braai with salsa and guacamole they are a winner each time. Great for lunch boxes, nachos or simply crunched away on their own.

Pork crackling

Our chicken farmer sources free range pork skin to make this delicious Banting treat. Salted and dehydrated in the oven it is very hard to put a pack down once you have opened it.